The AI adoption paradox: can cautious adoption reap maximal benefits?

Humans and AI learning together

Fundamentally, humans and machines “think” very differently and therefore bring different strengths to an organisation. Assuming that you can just “plug in” AI to fix particular business problems, or to guide you where to put your best resource, is a narrow approach and doesn’t often translate into maximal business benefit.

Organisational constraints

Does this mean that in order to reap the biggest benefits, you need to jump in wholeheartedly and fundamentally change your systems, skillsets and processes all in one go? That approach, for some, is scary and, for others, impossible.

Building Trust

Very few AI solutions operate in a vacuum. There are always multiple stakeholders: users, beneficiaries, customers, developers, regulators etc. So, why and how do organisations take the plunge? Well, largely, it comes down to trust; trust in your strategy, trust in your people and trust in how you have integrated and automated AI in your company.

Cautious adoption within a growth mindset

So, can you start building transformative–and trustworthy–AI for your business whilst also working within your current organisational constraints? The answer is yes, but only when productive organisational AI and high-context applications are underpinned by effective human-AI collaboration.


Joanna Crown is the Director of Product at Mind Foundry, where she connects innovative AI products and technology to new customers, use cases, and segments of industry. Her deep understanding of complex scientific processes, combined with her ability to tell a clear, simple story, helps to separate knowledge from information and to see the forest for the trees.



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